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IEP Meeting Guide For Parents

The Ultimate IEP Meeting Guide for Parents

An Individualized Education Program (IEP) is a legal document that outlines the educational goals and services for a child with a disability. IEP meetings are held annually to review the child's progress and make any...

Ethan Gray profile pictureEthan Gray6 min read

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The Martian: An Ennin Mystery #51

The Martian: An Ennin Mystery 51

In the vast expanse of the Martian landscape, amidst towering canyons and windswept dunes, a tantalizing mystery unfolds. The Martian: An Ennin Mystery 51, a captivating novel by renowned author Toriyama Sekien, delves...

Derrick Hughes profile pictureDerrick Hughes4 min read
The Tengu: An Ennin Mystery #85

The Tengu: An Ennin Mystery 85

In the realm of Japanese folklore, where the boundaries between myth and reality blur, there exists a captivating figure that has captivated imaginations for centuries: the Tengu. Origins and Evolution of a Mythical Creature The Tengu's origins...

David Peterson profile pictureDavid Peterson4 min read

Remembering Robert Evans: The By George Collection

Robert Evans was a legendary film producer known for his charisma, lavish lifestyle, and groundbreaking work. The By George Collection, housed at the Margaret Herrick Library of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, offers a...

Corbin Powell profile pictureCorbin Powell4 min read
Spawn #144 Ben Stevens

Spawn 144: The Rise of a New Anti-Hero

A New Dawn in the Spawn Universe Spawn 144, released in April 2005, is a landmark issue in the Spawn comic book series. Written and illustrated by series creator Todd McFarlane, it introduces a compelling new character: Ben...

D'Angelo Carter profile pictureD'Angelo Carter4 min read
The Village Of The Dead: An Ennin Mystery #26

The Village of the Dead: An Ennin Mystery Unravels

In the heart of ancient Japan, amidst the misty mountains and verdant valleys, lies a village shrouded in an eerie silence – the Village of the Dead. This enigmatic settlement is said to be haunted by the restless spirits...

Banana Yoshimoto profile pictureBanana Yoshimoto5 min read
The Strange Case Of The Disappearing Dragon: An Ennin Mystery #32

The Strange Case Of The Disappearing Dragon

Since time immemorial, dragons have captivated human imagination. From the fiery breath of Eastern legends to the noble knights errant of Western folklore, these mythical creatures have soared through the annals of history,...

Owen Simmons profile pictureOwen Simmons4 min read
The House Of Death: An Ennin Mystery #70

The House of Death: An Ennin Mystery 70

The House of Death is the 70th book in the Ennin Mystery series by Jake Arnott. The book is set in 1950s London and follows Detective Inspector Ennin as he investigates the murder of a young woman in a boarding...

Everett Bell profile pictureEverett Bell4 min read

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